The Real Story Behind Winxp Image

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I always thought it was a computer graphic until UP41 sent me a link recently that revealed the true story behind that image. Thank you, UP41, for sharing. Here it is!


Everyone has seen the Windows XP desktop image called Bliss. It's been ubiquitous for 13 years. And you've probably always thought that the serene hillside is kind of corny and probably fake. Nothing is that idyllic.

But apparently it's real! And to commemorate the end of support for Windows XP, Microsoft made a video about the photographer who took the iconic picture.

Chuck O'Rear got the image in Napa Valley, north of San Francisco. He took it on a Mamiya RZ67 camera with color Fuji Film and a tripod. O'Rear explains in the video:

There was nothing unusual. I used a film that had more brilliant colors, the Fuji Film at that time, and the lenses of the RZ67 were just remarkable. The size of the camera and film together made the difference and I think helped the Bliss photograph stand out even more. I think if I had shot it with 35 millimeter, it would not have nearly the same effect.

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