Bionic Dogs Given Another Chance

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It has been almost eight years now since I started blogging in May 2008. Through the years, I have seen how the world has turned into a colder and more indifferent place. Yesterday, I drove my son to the hospital for his review with the surgeon and I almost exploded with frustration because of MANY inconsiderate drivers who either hog service roads just to wait for an empty parking lot even though it was clear that no one was leaving, people who double park and obstruct the road, others who overtake on the left at breakneck speed. If anyone can drive in Penang without losing their cool, that person is a saint. To remind myself that there ARE still kind and goodhearted souls in this world, I decided to look for posts which feature hope...not just for people, but for dogs.

Lo and behold, I came across this heartwarming post which showcase five beautiful dogs who have been given a new lease in life via prosthetic limbs.

CLICK HERE to read the post and to watch the videos.

Meet Fabio, the Maltese, Nak'io, Pay d'Limon the Belgian Shepherd Mix, Little Debbie - a pit bull pup and the lovable pair of Roo and Penny!

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