Felt With the Heart

Posted by M ws On Tuesday, June 3, 2014 0 comments
Everywhere we turn, we are being bombarded with messages that tell us we have to be:

  • beautiful/handsome
  • slim
  • fit
  • muscular
  • shapely
  • have magnolia-like flawless complexion
  • no zits no wrinkles no medical problems
  • etc etc

Kids grow up with teenage angst that can haunt them even in old age!

It is so difficult to be accepted for who we are; hence, many conform, change or even be someone they are not.

Cos when we are who we are, others often reject us.

Here's a sweet video clip that reminds us that the most beautiful things cannot be seen or heard but must be felt with the heart.

It reminds me of the time I first fell in love. Sweet. Haha...old already by can still remember!

Enjoy this video....Do share your response...Thanks!

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