I have no words left

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Since the advent of the internet and expansion of democratic space, I believe people have generally become nastier if net comments are a yardstick to gauge sentiments. I  was also influenced during those socio-political blogging days.

Ever since I stepped out of political blogging, I feel the transformation. I am more tolerant of dissenting views, respect those with opposing views, deride them not and can hold a sane discussion with them without ruffling feathers.

Sometimes, I do saunter into news portals and am ever shocked by the slew of nasty comments.

The divide between the status quo and opposition is worsening because of the bitter exchange between netizens, supporters and even some elected leaders.

Without sounding judgemental, I see so many who strut around thinking they are the best candidate or leader and have little regard for the people at grassroot level.

It is sickening.

If only there is LESS TALK, LESS CRITICISMS, MORE ACTION, MORE LOVE AND KINDNESS, MORE CONSIDERATION..LESS MADNESS..(and of course less corruption and crime!), more investments and growth in real terms...our nation would be a better place.

We are not perfect creatures. There is no perfect government or leader.

BUT we can make the world a better place...not by being armchair critics but by actively doing something to make another person happier...and hopefully, we can all make the world a better place by being better individuals.

It has to begin with ourselves.

All this came to my mind after watching this video. Please watch till the end. TQ!

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Reach out and touch someone's life today!

You can be the difference...and you can make the difference. :-)


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