A Definite MUST READ for All Malaysians. Serious!

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I am taking a very big risk sharing this link which concurs with what I discovered myself the day after it happened. Yes, I am not kidding.

When I shared my so-called theories with friends and relatives, they looked at me as though I had become a looney case. Then, I did not take the risk to post my findings. Along the way, I did feature a few articles that shed some light on that mystery but I never revealed my personal beliefs about it till today. Regardless, I stood my ground and believed then as I believe now that what I discovered is correct and true.

By far, this particular article is the most definitive one on this topic which has mystified many of us.

If not for Angela who does not know how to click on the link to read for herself in whatsapp, I would not share it. In fact, she asked me to post it that others may be enlightened.

Those who have read my blog for some time are aware of that side of me which believes in what many believe to be hogwash or mere theoretical postulations.

Still, the writer of this article is credible and the original article was posted in a very credible website which I cannot mention here. However, I did feature one of the articles on this topic from that credible website (the url is mentioned at the end of the hyperlinked article)

Much of the content sounds so bizarre like some Robert Ludlum or Michael Crichton spin-off. But, read it for yourself. Each one of us has an inherent need to discover the truth, I hope, although there are some who prefer to sweep things under the carpet or remain in a largely delusional or dreamy state of fairyland. It is easier to blame the big bad status quo rather than to take a bird's eye view and to dig for truth on our own.

Do not believe lock, stock and barrel what is posted in some local portals which are linked to external bodies that many are unaware of till today. Check their background. Find the missing link. Do thorough research on that missing connection and then perhaps you can see the picture in totality and realize so many in this world have been had - in a mega agenda.

I hope you can devote at least 45 minutes to read and to digest the information therein. It is a very thoroughly researched and well-written piece - at least to me. You can undertake your own research as I did if you want to verify the information. Read the whole article, please, with an open mind. Do not just close the tab after reading the first two paragraphs. See what that writer has to say.

Please scroll right to the end of the article after the excerpt to read the other five articles posted there, especially this one over here.

If you have time, try to read as many articles in that place. It will blow your brains.
Time is running out.

Live life to the fullest, chase your dreams, be happy and don't forget to tell the person who matters to you how much you love him/her.

May the Almighty bless and protect everyone of us.

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