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Well oh well, I am getting on in age and still think I am young haha cos I read and read and read .... I had swollen eyes from reading too much so I took it easy yesterday.

Along the way, I realized I forgot my cousin's birthday...forgot that I had asked Nick the same question like five times and then came across this video which tugged at my heart's strings. I can identify with the old man cos yesterday, I asked my younger son if he had piano class yesterday five times.

Last week, I asked him many times when he was going for the finals of the Pertandingan Puisi dan Lagu as his band won the state level competition. Hence, it is no surprise that he was quite irritated with my forgetfulness.

I whatsapped my boys and told them that I hope they will still love me when I ask them the same question umpteen times the way they used to ask me stuff when they were young.

For instance, Jon would ask me many times to get Lego for him. He grew up on Lego...and we would get him a box every week!

He would say, "Mama, please don't forget to buy Lego for me later.."

And I would say, "Yesssss, please don't say it for otherwise I will NOT buy it for you."

That got to him but Jon is a very smart young man then and now for his reply was," Mama you know that thing which i am not supposed to say ...can u pls remember?"

My reply ...that also cannot say

Jon: mama..u know just now.. ahem..can ah?

Faith, hope and love....the greatest of these is Love. Love endures.

Watch this video and you can understand why it means so much to me.

To those of you who are like me...hang on! Life is still worth living. :-)

God bless!

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