Malaysia Mourns

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Today, the nation will be receiving the remains of 20 victims of the ill-fated flight MH17.

The government thought it right to declare today a day of mourning and should be commended for making it possible for the remains to be accorded the respect and dignity they deserve as sons and daughters of our land.

Hand in hand with the families who lost their loved ones on this flight, the King and his government will be at KLIA to receive the remains which will be accorded full military honours, after which they will be sent to their hometowns for burial.  

As much as families who lost their loved ones in this flight, the nation is coming together to share their grief and sorrow and to hope there will never be another MH17 tragedy in the years to come and that no family will go through or experience what these families are going through.
It is simply saddening for these families. Words cannot describe their loss. Their future is not the same anymore. Some will take time to come to terms with their loss while some of these families may never recover at all.  

Whatever it may be, the entire nation mourns as one for the families who have lost their loved ones on flight MH17.

We mourn with those who mourn though we cannot feel the real intensity of your pain and agony.

We empathise with your loss that is so cruel, barbarous, callous, hellish, inhuman, sadistic, vicious and unrelenting.

The victims did not deserve to die in such ruthless and pitiless circumstances.

They were looking forward to their coming here but the flight never arrived.

The news of the shooting down of MH17 was just shocking and unbelievable, but it happened.

They did not expect to die but they perished in a split second with no opportunity to say good-bye.

It will take time and the shedding of much tears for these families to come to terms with the loss of their loved ones which happened at a time when MH370 is still missing and the search is ongoing to find the plane at all costs.

I can only describe the tragic demise of the sons and daughters of our land in MH17 who never made it back home as sad, moving, grave, unfortunate, distressing, agonising, heart-rending, heart-breaking, painful, lamentable, tragic, upsetting, excruciating, vexatious, tearful, regrettable, mournful, sorrowful and anguishing to the extreme.

May the peace of God rest upon these families.

In the meantime, I hope the remains of the remaining victims will also make their way back home in due time.

The nation waits for their return as well. – August 22, 2014.

- Written by Dr. Tan Eng Bee -

Source: The Malaysian Insider

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