Penang for Penang Lang

Posted by M ws On Saturday, December 13, 2014 0 comments
Recently, I set up my first Facebook page named Penang for Penang Lang to reminisce and to provide a platform for people, especially Penang Lang i.e. Penangites to share their thoughts, responses, memories, photographs etc.

I only started pushing the page at 11.20 a.m. yesterday morning and hope to make this page active and popular.

I seldom make requests to my readers so this is one rare moment.

Dear reader,

I sincerely hope that you can visit Penang for Penang Lang at this link and:

  • like the page and be part of the community there
  • invite your friends to like the page
  • like and share whichever posts take your fancy
  • contribute to Penang for Penang Lang in terms of comments, posts, photographs or anything!

Check out the interesting stuff I have posted there. This blog will still run as usual as that FB page is strictly about Penang! :-)

Thank you so much, dear readers, Penang Lang and friends of Penang Lang.

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