Photon Space Glass Homes and Circadian Rhythm

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Our increasing understanding of circadian rhythms is changing how we think about the spaces we inhabit. Lighting, for example, can now be adjusted to alter mood and sleep patterns. A new building called The Photon Space, however, will take a more natural approach to help residents get in the (circadian) rhythm, being made almost entirely of glass.

Circadian rhythms are the in-built patterns of wakefulness and sleepiness we feel over the course of approximately 24 hours. They are what we otherwise call our "body clock" and are governed, in part, by our exposure to daylight, having evolved alongside the natural rising and setting of the sun.

The artificial interruption of circadian rhythms, such as by out-of-sync working hours, has been linked to conditions such as insomnia, stress, low energy, obesity, depression and other mental disorders. The Photon Space is part of a larger project aimed at researching the connection between daylight and health.

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