The Man and his Thirty-Year Old Son

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At last, the train started to move. Filled with a large number of people of various age groups, young, old, college girls, business men and all others, everyone sat close to someone.An old man was sitting close to Near the window, seated an oldman with his 30 year old son. As the train moves on, the son is overwhelmed with great joy, he was thrilled with the outside scenery.

"Wow! Daddy, see the green trees, they seemed to be moving away from us, It's beautiful outside there"

This kind of behaviour is not expected from a 30 years old individual, infact, it is strange, everyone in the train got irritated by his childish acts and almost everybody began muttering something to himself or herself... Jane particularly, remarked loudly,

"This guy is a crack, a disgrace and not sociable" The old man heard this but held his peace.

Not so long, it started to rain outside. The 30 year old son filled with joy, exclaimed "oh! The rain is beautiful!"

Jane, most irritated of all, with rain drops splashing over her through the open window remarked harshly again,

"Can't you see it's raining? You this foolish old man, if your son is mentally retarded, why not take him to a mental asylum and stop disturbing public peace"

The old man at first hesitated, then replied in a low tone, "We are on our way back from the hospital, my son has been blind since birth, he got discharged this morning, he just got his vision last week, and so, all these works of nature are new to his eyes, please forgive us for any inconvenience we might have caused you "

Things don't always appear to be as they seem, be slow to judge others, as more often than not, you are always not aware of the true situation.

Thanks to Mr TSK for sharing.

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