A Strange but Insanely Funny Tale

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One day, Char Siew Bao and Mee Kia got involved in an argument. Char Siew Bao got very angry and shouted at Mee Kia, "I'm going to find my gang to hantam you!"

So Char Siew Bao went to round up LENG YONG BAO and TAO SAR BAO.

Just then, Maggi Mee walked round the corner. Immediately, the Baos started to beat him up.

As Char Siew Bao was punching Maggi Mee, he shouted, "Don't think just because you PERMED YOUR HAIR, we can't recognise you, okay!"

Angry at being beaten up for no reason, Maggi Mee went to find his fellow Noodle Brothers, BEE HOON, UDON, and KUAY TEOW to seek revenge.

On the way, they bumped into Small Bao.

Maggi Mee looked at Small Bao for a while, then told his brothers, "Brother! Whack him!"

Maggi Mee was especially vicious in beating up Small Bao.

Later, the Noodle Brothers asked Maggi Mee why he hated Small Bao so much that he beat him up so badly.

Maggi Mee replied, "At first I wanted to teach him small lesson only, but then I see him act cute, made me so angry." (better in Hokkien : Kua Ee Ah Neh Kuai L** Choe Wa Tu L**nya  )

The more Small Bao thought of it, the more buay song ('buay song' in Hokkien means unhappy) he was.

So, he gathered the Bao family to whack Maggi mee.

However, they found Yin Si Juan (noodles covered with bun) instead.

They brought him back as a hostage and were about to put him on the stove to force him to talk when the Head of the Baos said, "Wait! That's not a Noodle! He's our undercover agent!"

*Aiyo at this juncture, Penang for Penang Lang admin cheoh ka pa tor thneah LOL!!

The Bao and Noodles Families were now bitter enemies and engaged in gang fights whenever they saw each other.

One day, the Noodles family was having a walk when they saw Char Siew Bao alone.

Seeing a good opportunity, all of them attacked him.

The Noodles family shouted, "Beat him hard- hard! Don't give chance just because he's vomiting blood!" (Translate into Hokkien for better effect LOL)

Char Siew Bao, hurting from his injuries, went to the BAO headquarters to look for help.

The entire Bao Family was activated and they went seeking revenge.

All the passersby SIAM-ed ('siam' means avoid in hokkien) when they saw the Bao Family approaching because they looked murderous. Except for French Fries, who was merrily skipping round, shopping, most were oblivious of the Baos.

Somehow this irritated the Baos, who thought French Fries was a Noodle they hadn't encountered before.

So they attacked him, shouting, " "Noodle people still wear until gold- gold go shopping! Whack him!!!"

Finally, the Bao Family manage to kidnap Mee Kia, the one who started the whole chain of disaster, and brought him back to the Bao headquarters.

All the Baos took turns to whack him.

At the end, the chief of the Baos, Tua Bao, took a final roll over Mee Kia before they dumped him.

When Mee Kia finally went home, none of the family members could recognise him because he was severely flattened by Tua Bao.

To commemorate his horrific injuries and bravery in the face of such violence, Mee Kia was renamed, and to this day he bears the name revered by Noodles all over the world: Mee Pok.

Hope you enjoyed this story. Do share other jokes! TQ!

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