Tips on How Cancer Cells can Transform back into Normal Cells

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Thanks to three friends for sharing the following post. I googled to find the source but discovered this was shared by someone who probably used Google translate to translate the original article from Mandarin into English.

I am sorry I do not have the time to correct this article. What is impt is the message in it - not the quality of the language. I sincerely hope it helps readers. 


  The main cause of cancer: Super poisoning + tissue hypoxia + sad
  On Super poisoning, for example, eating food containing heavy metals into, because heavy metal is too heavy, the blood could not move, just stay in the organization, and the cells encounter invading foreign matter, will be surrounded by twisted to form a tumor cancer!

  Cancer is shilly songs wrinkled shrink reduction cells , by the:
  1. optimism : climbers such as mountaineering and like-minded people chatting, laughing and joking;

  2, Oxygenating : mountaineering will gasp and covered in sweat is the best oxygenating and detoxifying movement, through the filling of oxygen, shrunken cell carcinoma can play like a balloon, like oxygen, expanded back, become normal cells;

  3, partial vegetarian : cereals and vegetables could be converted to basic physical and detoxification, cancer cells can change back into normal cells rounded!

  Cancer (Cancer) As the Latin prefix "crab" (Cancri) within the meaning of meaning, a little attention, they quietly, deadly rampage.

  Life, one person every four people may get cancer in the past decade, the number of middle-aged have thirty to fifty-year-old cancer growth of 81%, but in fact 40% of all cancers are preventable.

  In fact, every day will produce seven or eight thousand cancer cells apiece, especially in anxiety, anger and pressure, cancer cells increase, in certain parts of the human body Pandora box.

  If before in a happy mood, filled with oxygen to make it swell shrinkage of cancer, anti-cancer foods to eat every day to repair wrinkled cancer cells back into normal cells rounded, cancer in the third period , can recover.

  A, anti-cancer food:
  Lemon (12 kinds of cancer cell destruction: including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic ...)
  Sweet potatoes (detoxification best)
  Garlic (treatment of gastric cancer)
  Soybeans (governance cervical cancer)
  Mushroom (governance cervical cancer)
  Cauliflower (treatment of pancreatic cancer)
  Spinach (cancer treatment)
  Water bamboo (cancer treatment)
  Kelp (breast cancer treatment)
  Asparagus (cure skin cancer)
  Cauliflower (rule bladder cancer)
  Edamame (breast cancer treatment)
  Cranberry (breast cancer treatment)
  Pistachios (anti-cancer)
  Cooked tomatoes (prostate cancer treatment)
  Mushrooms (liver cancer treatment, but containing heavy metals renal injury, up to a month to eat 200g)
  Beetroot, carrots, yogurt, apples, green algae, grapes, bananas, kiwi, pineapple, strawberry, green tea, ten sago (governance colorectal cancer: brown rice, black glutinous rice, millet, wheat, buckwheat, Gorgon, oats, lotus , cereals and red barley), white sesame, linseed, ginger, Chinese wolfberry, corn, almonds, black sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds.

  Please eat more foods containing these active ingredients, so that a lot of cancer cells in the body ready for sleep.
  1, curry (anticancer ingredient is .. "curcumin")
  2, peppers (anticancer ingredient is .. "capsaicin")
  3, ginger (anticancer ingredient is .. "Ginger Oil")
  4, green tea (anti-cancer ingredient is .. "catechins")
  5, soybean (anticancer ingredient is .. "isoflavones")
  6 tomatoes (anticancer ingredient is .. "lycopene")
  7, grapes (anticancer ingredient is .. "resveratrol")
  8 garlic (anti-cancer ingredient is .. "sulphide")
  9, cauliflower (anticancer ingredient is .. "sulphide")

  B, filled with oxygen:
  When the person sitting in the chair, each breath into the air only half a liter, only a twelfth lung, Li Feng said, "It's like a person has housed twelve room house, but busy to go out every day work, come home, it is only used in the bedroom.
  To use every part of the lungs (to provide adequate oxygen), the only way is a good place to spare the air campaign pant (such as mountain climbing).

  C, happy mood:
  Reception first doctoral graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at National Taiwan University doctors, in complete nuclear magnetic resonance scanner to check his patients after he saw the machine still open, so aligning the way for his own liver to be scanned and found His students have a liver tumor, so in shock, apart from very natural to do in accordance with the general procedure of Western medicine with other chemotherapeutic slice, the results can not relax mood, only three months to live, he had passed away.

  An Elementary suffering from three lung cancer physicians adopt a macrobiotic diet (eat 90% raw and 10% cooked whole foods), he drank six cups with tomato, carrot, red beet root mainly labeled as 500c c day. Vegetable juice, with plenty of fruits and vegetables based food, can strengthen the immune system, one day bowel movement three times, changes in diet and lifestyle only six months, the tumor disappeared without a trace.

  An Elementary say to 30,000 rpm or more per minute of fruit juice machine juice to the fruit and vegetable fibers and seeds contained in the plant biochemical factors led to release, can antioxidant, eliminating free radicals.

  He drank two glasses of vegetable juice every morning for breakfast, lunch an hour before another drink, noon then eat tomatoes, carrots, alfalfa sprouts and other vegetables to make a salad.

  Doctors at National Taiwan University Department of Pathology, Miss Li Feng had suffered from lymphoma. With the disease, or removed deathbed, or premature death; she was able to good to be alive.

  Her secret: She daily hiking (hiking pant is the best oxygenating movement) and reading Buddhist scriptures - its meaning is not to worry.

  On the contrary, like my friends in the spirit suffered a major blow, suffering from lymphatic cancer, the National Taiwan University Hospital suffering life last 11 months, very unfortunate!

  She has two famous saying: "When people happy, cells are round, like eighteen-year-olds; people angry, cell like eighty-year-old old man, wrinkled shrink shrink!"

  ( cancer that is wrinkled shrink shrink shilly songs, whole grains and vegetables, exercise (oxygen) plus optimistic, cancer cells can return to a normal round cells ).

  Occurred in London a couple, they both do the annual physical examination, his wife was told to get breast cancer, the life of only one year, Mr. was told to get prostate cancer, but there are three heart aortic occlusion, and life expectancy is only next year.

  After discussion, the two decided to do nothing, could not hear what Western medicine sick, they wrote in this year they will complete fifty something on a piece of paper, so they sell only Some homes, take the money and do the round the world trip.

  Because this is the first thing they want to do, so happy to leave after six months and then travel around to go back to London because the body feels good, then go back to check with a physician that the results surprised doctors The duo found that cancer had disappeared, while her husband's artery blockage was good, too, a result that physicians can not understand why this happen!

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