The Hippie and the Nun

Posted by M ws On Sunday, October 9, 2011 2 comments
Last night, my family were at Tsuruya @ E-Gate for dinner. As usual, we were all on our own devices while waiting for the food to arrive. I was sipping my green tea when reading the following joke that Angela sent me. Believe me - I narrowly avoided a major accident :-). So - do be careful when reading the following joke which I am posting for laughs, with no intention to offend or insult anyone. Have a nice day, everyone!

The Hippie and the Nun

A hippie gets on a bus and spies a pretty young nun. He sits down next to her, and asks her, "Can we make out for the night?"

"No," she replies, "I'm married to God."

She stands up, and gets off at the next stop.

The bus driver, who overheard, turns to the hippie and says, "I can tell you how to get to score with her."

"Yeah?" says the hippie.

"Yeah!" says the bus driver.

"She goes to the cemetery every Tuesday night at midnight to pray, so all you have to do is dress up in a robe with a hood, put some of that luminous powder stuff in your beard, and pop up in the cemetery claiming to be God."

The hippie decides to give it a go, and arrives in the cemetery dressed as suggested on the next Tuesday night.

"I am God," he declares to the nun, keeping the hood low about his face. "Make out with me."

The nun agrees without question, but begs him to restrict himself to a*** s**, as she is desperate not to lose her virginity.

'He' agrees, and promptly has his wicked way with her.

As he finishes, he jumps up and throws back his hood with a flourish.

"Ha-ha-ha," he cries. "I'm the hippie!"

"Ha-haha," cries the nun, "I'm the bus driver!"

Keep smiling and have a great day!

2 comments to The Hippie and the Nun

  1. says:

    Bunny if you enjoyed that joke you'd make a good candidate for sodomy 3.

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear Bunny,

    Ah - a politically correct response :-).

    Thanks for sharing!

    Stay in touch! I always love your response!


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