The Ox, the Miller and the Logician

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There was a well known logician from Bengal. In his times, his intelligence was considered unparalleled. Besides his expertise in logic, he was proficient in the scriptures and had memorised almost all the major ones.

One day, while the logician was buying some oil at the miller’s, he observed that just behind the shop, was the miller’s ox going round in circles.

There was no one to guide its movement. The ox was moving on its own accord. Surprised, the logician asked the miller how the ox was moving under the illusion that someone was guiding it, when no one was actually present.

The miller pointed to the bell tied around its neck. As long as the bell kept tinkling, the miller knew that the ox was moving.

As soon as he bell stopped, the miller would shout out and the ox would move on. “Stupid ox!” the scholar exclaimed, “If I were in its place I would only stand and keep shaking my head, so that the bell would keep ringing, and you would remain under the illusion that I was moving.”

The miller laughed, “Sir! It is not a scholar or a logician, but a simple ox. It has not read any scriptures. It does not know logic. That is why it is simple and humble. Now please go from here, for even if your shadow falls on the ox, it may possibly start cheating me.”

Think about it… Do we use are education to benefit others or deceive them?

-Author Unknown-

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