Deep Waters?

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Whilst many women browse sites to shop online, I prefer to read up the latest about IT, gadgets and glitches.

Whilst I don't have Louis Vuitton, Prada or Gucci stuff, I do have a penchant for Google, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, Sony and Asus. What fires my most is not conversations about politics but the latest news on technological development.

Many of my IT crazy friends wax lyrical about Samsung but I know things are not going as smoothly as what many may think. This giant is busy riding on its wave of success and milking the loyal adoration of fans who would not have second thoughts forking out extra moolah to buy its latest gadgets such as Grand, Mega or S4.

Beyond all the fancy names of the latest models, few bother to read up what is really happening behind the scenes. Instead, they queue up and rush to add the latest model to their collection. 

If you have been keeping up with tech news blogs/twitterers etc, you would know by now that the light could get dimmer and dimmer for that giant.

This BBC report is one of the best and most comprehensive analysis so please CLICK HERE before you even dream of buying another gadget.

David Perlah reported here that "Samsung Electronics Co. has pulled ahead of Apple Inc. to become the leading smartphone maker. Doing this, however, has stretched the South Korean tech giant’s supply lines." CLICK HERE to read about the implications for the future.

Charlie Osborne also concurred IN THIS POST.

One of my son's friends, with whom we car pool, has S4 and I can assure you that indeed the best selling point about that model is the 13  camera. Apart from that, there are so many issues that I will not be getting one for myself. CLICK HERE before you make a beeline for the nearest shop to buy one for yourself.

If you intend to get a Made in China phone, think again. Some of my friends in Hong Kong love Hua Wei and I do admit I was very tempted to get the Ascend P6 as it is the slimmest smartphone available. I  was going to phone a girlfriend to ask her hubby who works in Shanghai to get me one unit. And then I read THIS REVIEW and stopped in my tracks.

Of course there are times when I dream of phablets such as the Mega but there are issues.

At the moment, my dream phone is STILL the Asus PadFone 2 which can be transformed into a tablet and laptop. It is always out of stock in Low Yat and even in shops around Penang. However, the phone is a tad heavy for my liking.

Despite its neaderthal like appearance, the world still needs Blackberry for security reasons. If I could have a Blackberry, I would choose the Z10 over the Q10. Read this article and THIS ONE to see comparisons.

I also love dual SIM card phones and currently have two Nokia dual sim phones and one Samsung duos which kaput when I dropped the phone. It would have cost me 100RM to change the screen so I bought a cheap Nokia dual sim phone. I am now eyeing the Nokia Asha 501 dual sim smartphone and am not sure if I should repair my other Samsung duos. It is cheap (between RM270-320), looks sassy and has received rave reviews which you can read HERE.  I would not go for the Samsung Grand because it does not make sense to fork out so much money and to get so little in terms of screen resolution etc.

Finally, here's one good reason why you should WAIT and not get any new and expensive smartphone.

Google will be rolling out its Lime Pie O.S.. Currently, most people are still using Gingerbread 4.1.2. I am using Jellybean 4.2.1 whilst S4 is on 4.2.2. Even Note 1 and Note 2 are on 4.2.1 unless owners updated manually.

In the mean time, I will just have to say adios cos it is time to take my beloved dog for his Saturday grooming session....Sadly, it is his last session with Pei as she is closing her shop to help her boyfriend, one  of my former students who is opening his new restaurant at Paragon in three weeks.

Have a nice day!

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