Why Did You Die?

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Just sharing two articles about L'Wren Scott and also my observations which I have posted at the end of the two articles. Your comments are appreciated. Thanks!

The tragic death of the ethereal L’Wren Scott, former model turned fashion designer is the latest in an alarming trend of celebrity deaths. Unfortunately, happy celebrities are becoming an endangered species. This is all too sad given the accomplishments they have made. Recently we have mourned the deaths of Cory Monteith, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Whitney Huston, Paul Walker, Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson; all such amazingly talented individuals taken from this earth far too soon.

Sadly money doesn’t buy happiness and living in the Hollywood fishbowl can have drastic consequences on one’s ability to function with any sense of normality. Perhaps it was the pressure caused by the constant attention L’Wren Scott garnered that pushed her to take her own life. It is conceivable that being the girlfriend of Mick Jagger could be a pressure filled role. The poor woman was stick thin, bringing anorexia, depression and other mental health issues to mind.

The unattainable desire to stay thin, beautiful and youthful throughout one’s life could cause a significant amount of tension. It is possible that her desire to please others caused her a fair amount of anguish. Any possible scenario for suicide is sad and this is no different. It is just heartbreaking to imagine that the need to impress others could have caused her death.

In an interview with The Mirror L’Wren Scott states that her life was not perfect, that no one’s life is perfect and that she worried too much. This leads one to speculate about the possibility of anxiety and depression as being the cause. She may have been suffering for years with an undiagnosed mental illness like anxiety. These illnesses manifest themselves internally and often are difficult for others to notice and understand.

Often celebrities turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to drown out the pressure, sadness and anxiety they feel. This is not one of those cases. One US fashion source quoted in the UK Daily Mail said that L’Wren Scott and Mick Jagger were not known to drink alcohol or do drugs. This eliminates the more popular and equally sad celebrity trend of death by drugs.

Latinpost reported:

It has been also claimed that Scott's friends were aware that she was going through a difficult time, however no one even attempted to help her. "Her stylist friends, fashion friends, p.r. friends, critic friends all say they knew she was hemorrhaging financially," a source said. "Nobody helped."

My Comments:

I can understand why L'Wren killed herself. It is not easy to face the reality that when one is in need, few will help. Having gone through tough times myself, I have come to the realisation that as time progresses, I have fewer and fewer friends, and fewer people whom I can really call 'a friend'.

I see everyday in my life how when one is rich and successful, one can have more friends. But - when one is faltering or fumbling financially - oh boy - 'friends' run away for fear that they have to help out.

When my friends started their businesses, I would send cards or notes or call them to give my support and encouragement and buy their products. When I started a small business in 2013, a few were very jealous and afraid I would steal their clients! They actually asked me outrightly in Facebook - whether i would be brazen enough to steal their clients! W**! Of course I did not and never will. And I grew up when I realized even people I had known for decades can be so myopic with little finesse and graciousness. Just because I am kind to others does not mean they will reciprocate accordingly.

A few weeks ago, I started a small accessory business and was totally gobsmacked when I realized those in the fashion business whom I had supported stayed away and not a single one gave any form of encouragement or comment even though I asked for input when posting pics of my stock. A few rich friends lambasted me for being money crazy! Goodness - I was only tinkering with a few items to test the market and honestly - I have been so turned off that I think I will wear those trinkets at home instead of marketing them.

The past two years, I have come to the conclusion that the world has become a more cruel and colder place.

A friend's friend's baby needed $$$ for a major operation and when I put up photos for an appeal for donations, NOT A SINGLE one of my friends 'liked' the post nor did anyone offer donations.

Because the baby is an Indian. So what? Just because she is an Indian baby does not mean we cannot support by whatever contributions we can make regardless of the amount!

I went on my own and approached STRANGERS and one gave 200rm. Another cousin gave 50rm. Another stranger said I could leave a box asking for donations in his shop. None of my friends responded. It is so sad.

I just hope that somehow what I have written today may change our perspectives of people, life and those in need. It does not cost much to be kind to one another. The dividends last a lifetime.

For the greater part of my life and that of both my sons, our closest friends are Indians and Malays, not just Chinese.

Some of the kindest people who have touched my lives are those I never ever met before - eg Mr LYK, Mr TSK (whom I only met years later), Encik Shakirin, Mr Krishnan, Mamasita, Cat-in-Sydney (whom I met years later), Antares, Miriam, Angela (whom I met later) and a few others. Thank you..

I hope there will come a time when we can really refer to ourselves as MALAYSIANS.

Hence, I feel for L'Wren Scott and my heart pains at the thought of what she must have gone through - suffering financially and emotionally. She must have truly loved Mick Jagger to have stayed with him for 13 years..waiting and waiting till she could wait no more...

If only she had stuck around to read Lady Arabella Victoria's comment where she wrote:

 L'Wren wasted her 12 years of her life on a totally worthless man and then she felt hopeless. Mick Jagger's past is the best indicator of his present behavior. Women have GOT to realize that there are billions of men on the planet and they have to move on when a man does not act right. I agree with you that L'Wren found out she wasn't special and was devastated when she realized Mick is incapable of being a provider or protector. Sadly, L'Wren didn't know how to walk away when it became glaringly apparent that Mick had no intention of committing to her. The lesson for all of us is that we need to have standards and boundaries to ensure that men treat us with dignity and respect (e.g., The Rules).

Why did she have to die? I guess it is because she saw no more reason to live...the despair, disappointment and desperation must have overwhelmed her so much that she had no other choice but to end her misery..so sad. If only someone had reached out to her...and had convinced her that regardless...there IS hope...but then again, how many really cared enough to do that and without judging her? Painful.

May she rest in peace now....

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