Georgetown - A City Then and Now

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Penang’s capital, George Town, was already granted city status by way of royal charter from Queen Elizabeth II on January 1,1957. Unbeknownst to many, this city status was lost when the George Town City Council merged with the Penang Rural District Council to become the MPPP in the 1970s.

Thanks to a friend who is an avid history buff, I can share two pics to prove how advanced was Georgetown even in the 1950's! Thanks to PS for sharing. (He is willing to part with these two documents if the price is right.)

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Here's more information from Wikipedia:

A Committee of Assessors was established in George Town in 1801, and was the first local council established in Malaya. In 1857, a board of partly elected Municipal Commissioners was established, but elections were abolished in 1913, before being reintroduced in the run-up to Independence in 1951.

In 1956, George Town became the first municipality in the Federation of Malaya to have a fully elected council, and on 1 January 1957, the municipality became a city by a royal charter granted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, becoming the first (and until 1972, the only) city in the Federation.

In 1965, the federal Government suspended local elections as a result of the Indonesian Confrontation, and in 1966 the functions of the City Council were transferred to the Chief Minister of Penang.

In 1974, a Local Government Management Board (Lembaga Pengurus Kerajaan Tempatan) was established for the whole of Penang Island, which meant that George Town effectively lost its city status. The management board went on to become the Municipal Council of Penang Island (Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang) in 1976. George Town's city status was officially reinstated in 2014.

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