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I have always been interested in photography - except I don't have the $$$ to invest in this very expensive hobby. As an undergraduate, I signed up for Photography I which was being taught by this an American lecturer - Robert (forgotten his surname)who was a classmate/contemporary of Steven Spielberg and supposedly working in Hollywood now. I still remember how my pin-hole camera did not work and in a cowardly nerdy move, I dropped the subject because I was afraid that my grade for that subject would pull down my GPA as I was in the running for a second class upper.

Anyway, recently, Angela sent me a couple of beautiful photographs from pre-Mao China. A few friends were skeptical as to whether these were authentic. I thought they looked authentic enough as I still have some photographs of my ancestors that were taken in the same style.

Feeling curious,I did a web search for the origin of the photographs. I came across Visual News and from that site, I discovered that those old photographs were restored by a fantastic photographer by the name of Ralph Repo.

Imagine my excitement when I went to Ralph Repo's Flicker site!!! Not only did he give an explanation of what he did to restore those 75 photographs, but he also gave detailed commentaries for each photograph.

Please visit Ralph Repo's Flicker album on Random Pics From Old China, Restored.

Do not view the slide show BUT click on the first photograph to read the fantastic commentary of the photograph and then click NEXT.

I spent two hours viewing the photographs and reading the commentaries! A feast for the eyes!!

This one is my favorite:

Chinese Family [c1875] Attribution Unk [RESTORED]

And another one that I love:

Rich Merchants Dining With Singing Girls, Pekin, China [c1901] Benjamin W. Kilburn [RESTORED]

You will certainly be ENTHRALLED!!! A MUST VIEW!! Visit Ralph Repo's Flicker album of Random Pics from Old China Restored at this link.

If you have the time, do read the comments at Visual News.

Have a nice day!

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